AUDE is launching a new upcoming project entitled ‘P.S. Made in Singapore’. Documenting public spaces in Singapore – spaces that bind people together through common experiences in familiar locations. I was invited to contribute.

“I grew up attending a neighbourhood school in the 1980s. A time where most of the students lived within 1 km of the school. We would all walk to school in the morning and walk back home in the afternoon. And near my school, there was an old public basketball court. No one played basketball there. It was always used as a small football field, minus the grass. The basketball court was the right size for a 5-a-side game. The 2 metal poles were perfect as goal posts. School finished at 1pm. We would gather at the basketball court after grabing a bite at the school tuckshop. Call home at the public phone booth to tell our folks that we’ll be back later. We would play, rest a while, talked a bit and play again till evening time. Then we would all walked home for dinner.”